Making Use Of Mini Bands

People usually view mini bands as low-level workouts that don’t really require that much effort. The reality, however, is entirely different because exercises with mini bands require an intensive time and effort. These mini bands are preferred mostly because of their versatility. These bands are small, flat and can be easily carried anywhere. You can use them in your exercises whether at home or the gym. These bands can be used in a variety of exercises and help to make that workout more efficient. This article is going to give you an insight into the main types of exercises that you can do with mini bands.
#1 Banded pushups
You have to start by wearing that band around your wrist and keep your hands apart from each other similar to the distance between your shoulders. Now in the very same position, you have to lower in a pushup position and then start doing them until it is the last one you can handle. After that, you should rest and start again.
#2 Triceps push back
Hold the band with both your hands. Now make a 45-degree angle with the floor, by keeping your left hand in the middle of the chest and use the right one, with the other end of the band, to exert tension by just extending it. You will do it for roughly one minute then start again after rest.
#3 Lateral raises
Wrap the mini band around your left thumb and hold the other end in the right hand placed at your midline. Now you slowly and in a lateral position raise the band and bring it back. This will continue for 60 seconds after which you will switch sides.
#4 Overhead Squat
Put the band around your wrists and then create tension between them. Now put the hands over your head and then do squats for like about one minute.
#5 Alternating Crunches
Place the band on your feet and lie down on the floor. Now try to take both your feet apart and at the same time perform crunches. You need to keep doing this for like 60 seconds but then take a break of 9 seconds to start again.
#6 Knee drivers
Again, place the band on your forefoot. Stand with the legs apart in the distance similar to shoulders apart. Now put your hands on the wall and make a 45-degree position against the wall. In this time you have to drive your knee up and then put it down again. You have to complete about 3 to 5 such rounds.
#7 Bear crawl
Put the mini band around your knees and then get in a bear like position. Start with a box drill where you crawl forward and backward for about 30-60 seconds. This can be repeated after you have taken some rest.
#8 Single leg forward jumps
Wrap the band around both legs and stand on just one leg. Now with that leg, you have to jump forward to switch to the other leg and then repeat for 20 jumps.