Does Connor Owe All of His Success to These Secret Supplements He Uses to Get Ripped Quick?

Everyone knows Conor McGregor as ‘The Notorious’ and he clearly has earned the nickname. Conor possesses unique powers when he knocked down Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds. Many said after this game that he showed incredible amounts of energy that the decisive advantage during the fight.

How has he done it? Before this game, Aldo had not lost a fight in 10 years. What is more, he is considered a powerful and fast fighter. And still…Conor McGregor managed to put an end to his continuous victories.

The truth about Conor’s performance is that he does not believe in traditional training. He does not agree with the routines and he definitely does not like doing the same thing over and over again. This is why, he worked with movement specialists who showed him an innovative approach to working out. His training includes movements that combine martial arts with dance, athletics, circus, and many other disciplines. But mainly the UFC fight and multi-millionaire credits the Conor McGregor Muscle Supplements his trainer recommending for his uncanny ability to lose weight and get shredded for fights.

This type of unconventional training helped McGregor to differentiate himself from the other fighters. In a recent interview, he mentioned that working out like this helped him learn new footwork patterns. Moreover, he discovered more angles to throw shots and surprise his opponents. He also learned how to find a lower center of gravity that made the difference in his fights.

Many would say that graceful movements are not suitable for a fighter. However, there were exactly these movements that enabled Conor to reach great strength gains. Therefore, he was able to unleash his potential and release the beast that he has inside.

When asked how a normal day in the gym looks like for him, he always mentions that there is no standard day for him. He always does a mix. For power and strength gaining, he uses free weights. He does for example pistol squats and single-leg deadlifts to build up strength and also balance. He does muscle-ups, burpees or handstands to train his full body. Another unique exercise is one inspired by animals’ movements. He is fascinated by this type of workout and so far, it proved to be very efficient. For example, he does lizard crawls for extra agility and strength.

McGregor also understood that if he wanted to succeed in martial arts he needed dedication and discipline. This is why, he works harder and is able to reach these unbelievable performances. In addition, he trains his mind a lot for each fight. He is always controlling his feelings and emotions and when he loses, he takes it as an inspiration.

In terms of nutrition, Conor has tried it all. He tested all the possible foods until he discovered what exactly works for him. Now he eats only clean food. In the morning, before anything else, he drinks a glass of water. After that, he has a banana and a bit later, he prepares his breakfast. He is not a morning type of person and never starts his day with a coffee. He loves sweets but he tries to stay away from cakes and other delights.

In general, he builds his diet only based on high-quality ingredients. He eats good-quality meat and greens. When it comes to carbohydrates, he usually eats sweet potato and butternut squash. Fish, steak, and chicken are part of his daily menu. Hydration is also very important and he keeps it with plenty of water and coconut water.

All these being considered, Conor McGregor is a true inspiration for young fighters who want to get out of the routine and try something different. So far it seems that he found the recipe of success and he sticks to it.